No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.  A. Einstein

We are the new consciousness. We have dozens of years of expertise, experience and knowledge in searching unique and innovative or simple conservative views on your challenges and problems in finance. We have worked with several dozens of companies in variety of industries while relying on three pillars: interim management, corporate finance advisory and mentoring and guidance in finance.

Interim management is a rather new phenomenon in corporate life. Whether you are a large corporation and you have a short term issue, turnaround or crisis management issues or you are small and medium sized company for which a full time CFO is not effective - we have the necessary expertise in managing the financial issues in both good times and bad times.

Corporate finance means managing your balance sheet. Your short term- , long term-  or project based financing. We have a broad experience with raising capital (debt or equity). We have vast experience in managing short term assets. We have experience in dealing with the whole spectrum of stakeholders and shareholders and in meeting their expectations

Do you perhaps need a mentor or guide in finance? We can take your own income statement and balance sheet (and cash flow statement, of course) and read the relationships within and in between them. Maybe you need to improve your EBITDA or simply understand it. Maybe your top non finance management team needs finance training. Or you simply need to remain them that profit is really the difference between the revenues and costs and that relationship needs to be carefully managed from short term and long term strategic view.

We will be happy to meet you and share our experience with you. We will help you to create long term values, not just short term success.